SEO & Web Design Case Study

Each client presents a new challenge, a new journey and a new opportunity for an SEO & web design case study...
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Overview: An SEO Case Study

Through a careful yet collaborative SEO campaign, we helped a local Certified Financial Planner™ improve their keyword ranking for one important keyword in particular. This case study provides an overview of the campaign, outlining some of the key steps taken to improve the client's keyword ranking and overall SEO.

The Problem

After a website redesign by another agency, the client's SEO position took a huge hit pushing them back to Google's page 4-5 for their target keywords.

The client was not ranking for any keywords on Google's 1st page.

Finally, the client's snippet results, including their meta title and description were incorrect and reflect those of another company.

seo case study

SEO was an after thought, unfortunately, and the client quickly realized this needed to be addressed.

Course of Action

There were a number of core issues that prohibited our client from ranking on the 1st page of Google. These issues were outlined and shared with the client as a plan of attack.

The result was a tremendous increase in search engine visibility (impressions) and finally ranking for their target keyword on the 1st page of Google.

On-Page Optimization:

We took the time to go through each webpage and correct the following areas:

  • Page Title
  • H1, H2, H3 headings
  • Meta titles and descriptions

These changes gave the client a quick lift going from a 62 SEO analyzer ranking to a 69 according to Rank Math.

Technical SEO:

Technical SEO strategy for our client was built around cleaning up outdated navigation. A website thats is structured well will be easily reachable by clients and more recognizable and crawable by Google.

We took the time to go through each webpage and correct the following areas:

  • Redirect outdated pages that were indexed with Google
  • Index the new sitemap to Google Search Console and Bing
  • Setup schema markup/structured data for their Team page and Newsletters.

Content Optimization:

We found out the client was already writing a quarterly newsletter -- which is great! 

We took the time and proposed a few adjustments:

  • In their outreach, point the reader to their website to read the entire newsletter - improving traffic and time on page
  • Optimize the newsletter for a particular, relevant keyword that we advise them on
  • Leverage structured data to optimize how Google interprets this content


Through following the above steps and close monitoring, here are the results we have gained thus far. 

  • +200% increase in Google Impressions
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  • 17% increase in user traffic
Tilia Partners SEO Improvement Case Study Graph
  • 1st page industry-specific, high value keyword ranking
Google Analytics traffic
  • More qualified leads coming through their doors

Our solution-based approach empowers your business to rise about your competition to generate more business through effective web design and SEO. 

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