Google Business is an Important Piece of the SEO Puzzle in 2023

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January 27, 2023

Google Business in 2023

As a small business owner, there is a lot to keep up with! Your online presence consists of many items that require creation and updates so that you stay relevant. Perhaps you have a website, Facebook, Instagram and you feel you are in a good place. The missing, but very important piece of the puzzle is your Google Business page (formerly known as Google My Business). Google Business is an important piece of the SEO puzzle in 2023. I will explain more below.


Why Create a Google Business Account?

What do Google, and Google Business and Google Maps all have in common? You guessed it – they are all Google products! This means that integration already exists and is seamless! While a website and social media platforms are vital, your Google Business page will help you achieve the following:

  1. Get found in your local market – You will have an opportunity to be the “go-to” business in your area, especially if you have a niche. Simply enter your service areas, services/products offered, and business address. From there you are likely to be found.
  2. Allows your customers to submit a review – Google loves reviews and will likely rank you higher if you have a larger number of 5 star reviews.
  3. Lead generation – You can provide customers a direct link to your appointment booking platform, website or chat module to ensure customers don’t go elsewhere.
  4. Incorporate keywords – In addition to services and products, you have an opportunity to tell customers more about what you do via the description and business category. This will help you maximize the opportunity of being found in a Google search.
  5. Convenience – If I’m traveling or out and about, I might be more inclined to pull up Google Maps to find what I’m looking for. What does Google Maps connect to? You guessed it – your Google Business! Oh, and make sure your business address is correct!

One of the easiest but important profiles to create is a Google Business profile. In ~20 minutes and by filling out the 5 sections: About, Contact, Location, Hours, More – your profile is almost ready to go. Google will review your edits and may require phone or address verification. In some cases, you will receive a postcard via USPS that contains a code to verify. Setting this up requires zero code or challenging configuration – so what are you waiting for?

What Are The Features That Should Optimize within Google Business?

There are eight (8) features that can help distinguish your profile from others. If you take the time to complete these sections, it could further enrich your profile to help you get found and sell.

  1.  Images – Images will help you visually show what you do. Also, it will allow you to show off where you are located. These images can be powerful. Images should be 250x250px minimum with a maximum of 750x750px. See Google’s standards here. If you don’t have a clear image or none at all, it could push potential customers away. Show off your past work, inside and outside of your business – a lot of people are visual and will scroll through your images on Google Business.
  2. Products – Add each product to your profile so customers can visually see, at a glance, what you offer. You can also add a link to the particular e-commerce store.
  3. Services – Add the specific service(s) and service categories that you offer. This will help narrow down your offerings and show how you are different.
  4. Updates – Link and share business updates or expert advice in this section. This could grab the eye of the customer and lead to increased clicks and leads to your website/storefront. For example, I frequently add new discount promotions or new blog content so customers know that I am still around!
  5. FAQs – Set up the chat feature and canned FAQs to address common questions and lead to more conversions. This could separate you from your competitor by showing your customer that you are ready and willing to answer their questions.
  6. Quote – Within your products or services section (see above), you can add a button for customers to learn more or get a quote. Use this to link directly to your form or store.
  7. Sale – Don’t be too shy to promote your product sales. At a glance, potential customers can see what you offer before heading to your online store.
  8. Reviews – After performing a service or selling a product, be sure to ask your customer for a review! Google loves reviews so be sure to showcase the good work you do to attract more customers. Google has a great support article that can walk you through this process. 

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Are There Any Examples?

Topsail Barber Shop located in Hampstead, NC dominates their local SEO market. How did they do this? 80+ Google 5 star reviews! They got in the market early and quickly ascended in the ranks due to their constant high marks. How does that translate to business results? They are no longer accepting walk-ins and are trying to hire to handle the demand!


How Do I Get Started?

If you want a hand in setting your Google Business page and integrating that with your website and social media platforms, reach out to us below! Google Business is an easy yet effective profile to leverage on the SEO front. To learn more about our offerings, check out our services page.


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