Your Online Presence is Key in 2023

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January 22, 2023

Why your Online Presence is Key in 2023!


Did you know?

76% of consumers look at online presence before physically visiting a business. More so, 45% are likely to visit this company in-person after viewing their online presence. All these data points are from PR Newswire.

So what?

Some small business owners are willing to take matters in their own hands by creating a basic website or choose not to have one – posting all of their work on on social media. Small businesses that capitalize on local SEO strategies will rank better in search results pages which make it more likely they will be found and product purchased.

Some considerations:

  1. Website Design –  If your competitor also has great reviews but a website that is easier to navigate, a way to self-book appointments, and an easy to way to contact or read testimonials, you could very well lose that consumer. If you want to showcase your work via galleries or testimonials, a website is a great central hub to do so. In short, if your website pushes them away your competitor could gain them. Check out our blog about effective call to actions here.
  2. Website & SEO –  If consumers can’t find you, they are less likely to do business with you. If there is a word of mouth referral, many will try to look you up to ensure you are reputable. A big part of portraying a professional presence is having an industry specific, engaging website. Websites, if optimized and designed properly, will rank on Google – especially if you are targeting a local region. This means you will be found and verified via quick search, more easily.
  3. Google Business page – Through a simple Google search, your potential consumer will see how you perform. Your competitors most likely have Google Business pages AND solicit reviews after they complete their project – making them look even better. Read more here.
  4. Website Updates – Part of the success of search engine optimization revolves around keeping your website current and updated frequently for two reasons: 1)  Google likes that! 2) Consumers may feel you aren’t vested or even in business anymore. Check out our blog about keeping your website refreshed here. Finally, Radford Results pricing model is built to support you and take care of the updates for you. Check out our pricing here.

In summary, no website or one that is isn’t optimized, will not show up or rank high on Google searches. A professional can help guide you on how to get seen!

A little extra:

Google Business is another important piece of the online presence puzzle. If your business is not on Google Business or it’s not clear what you do, you are likely (also) missing out on business. What I frequently see is a Google Business page but not a clear cover photo or description. Finally, reviews are key! The better and more reviews you have, the more likely you are to be featured higher on the “list”. Because Google Business is part of Google, optimizing your profile is a no-brainer! We recently dedicated an entire post about this so you can read more here.

How can we help?

Radford Results Web Design builds custom, tailored to your industry websites that come with search engine optimization set up and in mind. Let us take a look at your current set up and provide a free evaluation. To learn more, you can visit our services page here.


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